Interdisciplinary Practices in the Arts, Sciences, and the Humanities

This page contains the presentation slides for the lecture component of the course Interdisciplinary Practices in the Arts, Sciences and the Humanities. This course is primarily intended for year one and year two students. It is meant to show the value of engaging with other disciplines, and to encourage a research-based approach to art. It consists of weekly lectures (2 hours) and tutorials (1 hour). The lectures are based on case studies and introduce a wide range of interdisciplinary topics. The topics have been chosen to provide as gentle an introduction to interdisciplinarity for non-scientists as possible. The tutorials are primarily organized around student projects. Students select topics for their projects and develop them during tutorials. There are over 200 students in the whole course, so teaching this subject is a massive undertaking. The assignments are based on the principle of learning-by-doing and consist of studio-based work. Students work closely with the tutorial leaders and develop group or individual projects over the course of the semester.

Introduction: Interdisciplinary Practices

1. Multidisciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinarity

Case Studies: Interdisciplinarity in Art and the Humanities

2. Documentary Cinema and Anthropology: Cinéma Vérité

3. Anthropology, Relational Art, and the Gift

4. Interdisciplinary Art and Political Activism: The Situatonist International

5. Art, Feminism, and Psychoanalysis: Mary Kelly

Case Studies: Transdisciplinary Themes

6. Transdisciplinary Themes: Consciousness

7. Transdisciplinary Themes: Time, Art, and Philosophy

Case Studies: Art and Science

8. Systems Art

9. Generative Art

10. Art and Science

11. Case Study: the Expression of Emotion