Res Extensa is a work of experimental digital animation about the fluidity and mutability of spatial form. It follows the continuous transformation of an abandoned room, the video’s sole “character”, into a disorienting, unpredictable, and inconsistent space. As the camera moves fluidly around the confined locale, the visual representation changes continuously and repeatedly from convergent to divergent perspective. Even viewers who do not grasp what is happening in precise geometric terms are subliminally aware that spatial perception has been modified in line with some unfamiliar logic. The room’s unpredictable transformations at once evoke and challenge distinctions between “inside” and “outside”, between “environment” and “object”, and between “object” and “process”.




Best work (Category: Digital Art and Moving Images), 2003 Hong Kong Art Biennial




Exhibition format

The preferred exhibition format involves video projection in a completely dark room. All walls should be painted black. The film should be projected, as a loop, onto a black wall. The room should not be very large, so as to produce a cave-like impression that will make the user experience a strong spatial disorientation. In the past, a 4 X 4 meter room has worked very well. There should be no seats in the room.

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